SINCE 2012Canna Real Estate Group specializes in lending in the commercial cannabis real estate capital market and beyond.

We provide cannabis business owners with cannabis commercial real estate and financial representation. Consider us your go-to canna consulting group.

Canna RE Group is the premier service provider for cannabis real estate, cannabis financial services, and cannabis property architecture and construction in the state of Colorado and throughout the United States. With services spanning the gamut of cannabis capital market lending, development, consulting, and financial planning, our services are invaluable to a booming and underserviced cannabis industry.

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CannaREGroup brings decades of commercial real estate and funding services to canna-focused businesses.

Canna Consulting Group

The cannabis industry faces difficult challenges many other industries don’t face. We understand that the timeline to secure funding and complete the necessary plans and paperwork is short once licenses are granted. It is crucial to the success of your project that the planning and execution of your plans happen with urgency and accuracy. We work within the bounds of your timeline to ensure your business and operations can move forward – mitigating delays or disruptions along the way.

Securing funding for cannabis projects is no simple task. Canna RE Group offers the funding options required to operate your business, secure capital for projects, build equity, or relinquish debt. While most financial institutions reject cannabis businesses from their offerings, we know the burgeoning cannabis industry operators and business owners need trustworthy partners to build alongside them.

The legal cannabis industry is still young. To us, that means there is huge potential for innovation, growth, and collaboration. We are prepared to fund projects and businesses that are poised to find success through careful planning, strategy, and commitment to excellence. If you have a project that is positioned for funding, it’s time to start the conversation about next steps.

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Whether you need dispensary, lab, or warehouse space, we have got you covered.
Get the funding you need for operating capital, equity, or debt.
Expertise within the cannabis industry’s needs set us apart from the competition.
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Our mission is to bring decades of real estate and financial service experience to the emerging cannabis marketplace.

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bill betts

Bill Betts, Managing Partner

I asked Bill and his team to help me find a partner for two sale-leaseback deals we wanted to get done simultaneously. He was able to align us with a group who met our needs quite nicely – adding considerable value to the process.

Director of Corporate Real Estate
Major US Cannabis Co.

Nicole and her staff did an amazing job with the interiors of our new dispensary in Colorado.  She really captured the customer flow of the retail experience.

Principal Owner
Established Colorado Cannabis Co

We were under a l-o-t of pressure to get our grow house built out and operating quickly to be in compliance with our new license. Bill and his team put together an incredible loan package of senior note, equipment and working capital and exceeded my expectations.

Corporate Advisor
Arkansas Cannabis Cultivation Co.

Cannabis Commercial Real Estate

Finding a cannabis real estate company that you can trust is an essential step in ensuring your business will thrive. You want a partner that listens to your perspective and takes the time to understand your business and its goals. Canna RE Group is committed to understanding your businesses unique needs and works with you to find the right solutions every step of the way.

Are you actively searching for real estate to grow your business? Canna RE Group’s commercial cannabis Realtors can assist you in finding the perfect property to establish a dispensary, testing laboratory, or warehouse grow. Let our knowledgeable cannabis realty professionals provide the cannabis commercial real estate services you need to expand your business.

As a cannabis real estate company and canna consulting group, we’ve provided dozens of businesses with fast and reliable commercial cannabis real estate options, renovations, plans for ground-up cultivation and processing facilities, laboratories, and more. We work alongside entrepreneurs who have just received their licenses and with long-standing multi-state operators alike. Our commercial cannabis Realtors and consultants work with each client to choose the best location, analyze local area traffic, adhere to local zoning, and choose the best property type and size for your business requirements.

Talk to one of our experienced commercial cannabis realtors to discuss your needs and determine if we are the right fit for your business.

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Latest News

Cannabis Architecture Firm

Are you searching for a cannabis architecture firm to design a cannabis business space that checks all the boxes from the get-go? Canna Real Estate Group – or CREG – understands the importance and financial significance of getting it right on the first try. We work with your team to establish your preferences for building materials, design elements, specialty rooms or features, vault rooms, and more. Our attention to detail has the potential to change the way your business runs, which is why we put such an emphasis on understanding every moving part of your business.

Commercial cannabis businesses with brick-and-mortar locations require knowledge, planning, and adherence to strict guidelines and codes specific to the cannabis industry. Our cannabis architecture firm has experience with the unique requirements cannabis businesses must meet to establish compliant properties. This expertise sets us apart from other architecture firms that lack experience working within the cannabis industry.

Our experienced architects optimize floor space, assess foot traffic, understand the need for vault planning, draft plans for expansive grow operations, strategize for the layout of complex utility systems, and so much more. Canna Real Estate Group has completed renovation and ground-up cultivation facility projects in over eleven states. We work with both emerging licensees and established multi-state organization (MSO) operators. Whether you’re looking for basic brick/block conversion, state-of-the-art greenhouse complexes, or sleek and thoughtful dispensary design, we are committed to ensuring your project is executed with precision and collaboration from start to finish.

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