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Since 2012

Canna Real Estate Group

Commercial real estate solutions for
cannabis business owners and operators.

We help business owners secure commercial real estate.

Consider us your go-to canna consulting group for facilities.

Canna Real Estate Group is the premier service provider for cannabis real estate, cannabis financial services, and cannabis architecture and construction throughout the United States. Our services span the gamut of cannabis capital markets, development, and consulting. We’re cannabis business investors too so we understand your perspective on your project.

We Help You:

Lease it

Buy it

Build it

Your Canna Consulting Advocates

The cannabis industry faces difficult challenges many other industries don’t face. We understand that the timeline to secure funding and complete the necessary plans and paperwork is short once licenses are granted. It is crucial to the success of your project that the planning and execution of your plans happen with urgency and accuracy. We work within the bounds of your timeline to ensure your business and operations can move forward – mitigating delays or disruptions along the way.

  • Securing funding for cannabis projects is no simple task. Canna RE Group offers access to funding options required to operate your business, secure capital for projects, secure equity and multiple debt instruments. While most financial institutions reject cannabis businesses from their offerings, we know the burgeoning cannabis industry operators and business owners need trustworthy partners to build alongside them.

    The legal cannabis industry is still young. To us, that means there is huge potential for innovation, growth, and collaboration. We are prepared to assist our clients in funding projects. We help businesses that are poised to find success through careful planning, strategy, and a commitment to excellence. Regardless of your business’s growth cycle, it’s time to start the conversation about the next steps.

    Learn more about our consulting services by getting in touch.

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