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CannaREGroup brings decades of commercial real estate and capital markets services to canna-focused businesses.

cannabis consulting services

Canna Real Estate Group offers a range of commercial cannabis-specific real estate, architecture, construction and capital markets solutions, financial consulting, and cannabis consulting services to the owners and operators in the cannabis industry.

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    We’ve developed these service offerings from our more than 30+ years working in institutional commercial real estate development industry and 10+ years working with cannabis businesses. With several decades of experience in commercial real estate and construction, we’ve seen many mistakes during an acquisition, build or project. We want to help our cannabis clients avoid those costly, time-consuming, and stressful mistakes by approaching your project with the frankness and honesty you’d expect from a trusted partner. Your success is our success.

    Our long-standing relationships with CRE design/build, cannabis finance companies and capital sources experienced in cannabis real estate investment and development give us the proven edge in CRE financial consulting and senior secured debt placements. It’s just one more way we add value to our relationships. So whether you’re developing a fully-funded project or you’re starting from scratch, we are prepared to guide you through the process of making your project a success.

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Cannabis Commercial Real Estate

We are your cannabis real estate company that you can trust to ensure your business will thrive. We will be that partner that listens to your perspective and takes the time to understand your business and its goals. Canna RE Group is committed to understanding your business’s unique needs and works with you to find the right resources every step of the way.

  • Are you actively searching for commercial real estate to grow your cannabis business? Canna RE Group’s licensed Brokers and commercial cannabis Realtors can assist you in finding eligible and compliant property to establish a dispensary, testing laboratory, processing facility or cultivation warehouse. Let our experienced professionals provide the cannabis commercial real estate services you need to expand your business locally, regionally or nationally.

    As a cannabis real estate company within the framework of a larger, canna consulting group, we’ve provided dozens of businesses with reliable commercial cannabis real estate solutions, large and small. We have completed renovations, ground-up cultivation and processing facilities, laboratories, and more. We work with entrepreneurs who have just received their licenses as well as with long-standing multi-state operators alike. Our commercial cannabis Realtors and consultants work closely with each client to choose the best location, analyze local area traffic, adhere to local zoning and cannabis compliance, and choose the best property to make your business successful.

    Talk to one of our experienced commercial cannabis realtors to discuss your needs and determine if we are the right fit for your business.

Cannabis Financial Services

Securing business loans for cannabis projects isn’t easy, and that’s why Canna RE Group offers all of the funding options needed to secure capital for projects, build equity, or structure debt. While the majority of U.S. financial institutions exclude cannabis businesses from their services, we offer trustworthy and experienced private capital resources for the cannabis industry’s operators and business owners.

Canna RE Group brings capital market resource networks to our qualified clients for supplemental equity and senior real-estate-backed debt.

cannabis construction company, cannabis real estate investment

Cannabis Architecture and Construction

Are you searching for cannabis architecture and construction to create a cannabis business space that checks all the boxes from the get-go? Canna Real Estate Group understands the importance and financial significance of getting it right on the first try. We work with your team to establish your preferences for building materials, design elements, specialty rooms or features, vault rooms, and more. Our attention to detail has the potential to change the way your business runs, which is why we put such an emphasis on understanding every moving part of your business.

  • Commercial cannabis businesses with brick-and-mortar locations require knowledge, planning, and adherence to strict municipal guidelines and building codes specific to the cannabis industry. Our cannabis architecture firms have experience with the unique requirements cannabis businesses must meet to establish compliant properties.

    Our experienced architects optimize floor space, assess foot traffic, understand the need for vault planning, draft plans for expansive grow operations, strategize for the layout of complex utility systems, and so much more. Canna Real Estate Group has completed renovation and ground-up cultivation facility projects in over eleven states each with their own unique set of building and code regulations. . We work with both emerging licensees and established multi-state organization (MSO) operators. Whether you’re looking for basic brick/block conversion, state-of-the-art greenhouse complexes, or sleek and thoughtful dispensary design, we are committed to ensuring your project is executed with precision and collaboration from start to finish.

    Start a conversation with one of our knowledgeable staff members to explore your options.

License Applications & Compliance

Canna Real Estate Group works with Two Buds Consulting to provide support for license applications and cannabis compliance. Two Buds is a comprehensive cannabis legal and consulting services firm that helps clients navigate through the complex cannabis landscape, including application development, licensing assistance, marketing review, corporate governance, privacy considerations, and compliance consulting.

Two Buds Consulting has extensive legal and consulting experience, providing strategic advice and assistance with regulatory, compliance, and licensing issues to clients in the highly-regulated cannabis space. They are at the forefront of the emerging cannabis industry.

Our Projects

See the businesses we’ve helped grow.

We’ve been honored to work on dozens of projects across the country, building businesses that were once only dreams and blueprints. It’s through these projects and client-relationship successes that we have been able to measure our successes. See how our relationships in construction and architecture, financial partnerships, and real estate consulting services for cannabis businesses have made our client’s dreams come true. We’ll do it for you too. We offer start-to-finish real estate consulting services for cannabis companies.

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Not every cannabis commercial real estate development and cannabis construction company has more than 30 years of building successful commercial projects. It’s why Canna Real Estate Group is the right choice for your build or project whether cultivation, processing, or dispensary. We offer start-to-finish real estate consulting services for cannabis companies. Request a free consultation to discuss your plans and find solutions for your unique business needs. Our specialty is overcoming key obstacles that commonly cause disruptions in projects. Contact us today for your free consultation.