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Architecture & Construction

Cannabis Industry Expertise Sets Us Apart

Cannabis businesses looking to secure brick-and-mortar locations and support for their cannabis dispensary design and construction project need commercial real estate experts with knowledge and experience in regulatory compliance specific to their states’ cannabis codes.

Great Space Starts With Great Design

Long before a building is chosen or a development site is secured, we first complete a thorough evaluation of all state and local compliance to prevent wasting time and resources on a property that will not be approved.

Our team of cannabis-specific architecture, engineering and canna construction professionals understand the particular requirements that cannabis companies must meet to build legally-approved and municipally-compliant facilities. Our experience in cannabis facility construction distinguishes us from other firms that lack expertise working within the cannabis sector. This experience allows us to accurately present opportunities to our experienced and qualified cannabis capital sources, which are necessary for our clients to secure cannabis construction financing.

  • When you work with us, your business has access to our team of experienced architects, engineers and canna construction professionals who will optimize building footprint, maximize interior floor space, analyze foot traffic, plan the layout of complex utility systems, and much more.

    Canna Real Estate Group has worked on projects in more than 11 states ranging from complex renovations to sophisticated ground-up facilities. We work with both new and established multi-state operators (MSO), as well as smaller start-up businesses and emerging licensees. We are dedicated to ensuring that your project is completed with precision and collaboration from start to end, whether you’re searching for basic brick/block conversion, cutting-edge greenhouse complexes, or elegant and thoughtfully conceived cannabis dispensary design and construction. We put an emphasis on understanding every moving part of your business — and this attention to detail has the capacity to change the way your business runs for the better.

We Place Grow Warehouses

Cannabis RE Group architects have designed and built several complex yet highly efficient grow facilities.

Many cultivation facilities are housed in converted warehouses and rely solely on artificial lighting, while others are built as greenhouse structures with solar power. These types of projects are referred to as “system builds,” which require the sourcing and installation of various systems and technologies to make the facilities operable.

Some of the systems needed to properly outfit a cultivation facility include heating and irrigation, fertilizing systems, water purification, odor control, ventilation, environmental controls and more. There are even cultivation facilities that contain additional laboratories for extraction or kitchens to create edibles. These require more equipment and come with a variety of protocols.

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Designed for Your Business: Processing Facilities

Labs and MIPs facilities are highly-sensitive and complicated spaces. Now, we’re not talking Feng Shui per se, but If you get the flow of the rooms wrong, your process may feel disjointed, precious curing time could be jeopardized, and workplace accidents can become more common. There’s a reason why there are businesses, like ours, that focus solely on getting your process and the design of your space right. Because at the end of the day, it matters, and it could mean the difference between being successful and not. Let Cannabis Real Estate Group help you design or acquire yours.

We Have the Details for Dispensaries

Canna RE Group designs and builds customer-friendly and aesthetically pleasing retail dispensaries. Cannabis dispensary design and construction is one of our specialties.

Cannabis dispensary and retail storefronts require specialized cannabis facility construction for security and to comply with local laws. These types of projects may also require the expertise of an architect to lead the cannabis dispensary design and construction to achieve a unique and creative buildout.

In addition the actual construction, canna construction projects can carry significant challenges with cannabis construction financing. Because banks will not work within the cannabis industry due to marijuana’s Schedule 1 designation, cannabis businesses opt for hard money lenders, venture capital and leasing to fund their projects. This, paired with the industry’s taxation burden, create precarious funding situations for companies building and operating in these spaces. CannaReGroup knows these challenges inside and out. We’ve built (and staked) our reputation on knowing best how to solve them.

In the cannabis industry, no two cannabis facility construction projects are ever the same. Proper planning and guidance is necessary to ensure your dream project doesn’t turn into a nightmare. By hiring qualified and experienced professionals, you’re not only getting top-notch service, but efficient timeline and budget management, expertise in system builds, compliance and more. Let’s talk about your project.

Need Architecture & Construction Solutions for your Cannabis Business?

We get it, it’s scary to start a new project when there’s so much to vet, plan, and execute. You’ve found CannaReGroup for all the right reasons. We’ve built our reputation on making this process lighter, easier, and a little less intimidating because this is our expertise. We find solutions so you don’t have to. Let’s talk about your project.