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Real Estate

Yes, it’s complicated.
That’s why you call us.

We Develop Cultivation Facilities

Canna Real Estate Group has completed both renovations and ground-up cultivation facilities in more than 11 states for both emerging new licensees and established multi-state operators (MSOs). These projects, along with more than 30 years in commercial real estate, have given our team of cannabis real estate agents and cannabis real estate brokers the expertise and industry knowledge to get commercial real estate cannabis properties certified and operational. Whether you’re growing 1,000 or 40,000 plants, Canna RE Group has the resources and expertise to take the project from dream to reality. From a basic brick/block conversion to state-of-the-art headhouse/greenhouse complexes, we are excited to help you with your project.

We Deliver Space for Processing Facilities

Many of our operators pair sophisticated processing facilities with their cultivation centers. Often, these processing facilities involve complex engineering to both support and bring utility systems to sophisticated and costly processing and extraction equipment and machinery. With so much at stake, it’s important to have qualified real estate agents for cannabis partnerships that know and understand your business. Also, our cannabis real estate consultants know your cultivation space needs to be optimized for your operations and are prepared to work with you to understand those intricate details. Real estate agents without cannabis experience may not understand the importance of high hazard rooms, people and product workflow, proper filtration systems, clean rooms, or vault rooms.

We Have the Details for Dispensaries

When it’s time to find your brick and mortar dispensary property, you want experienced real estate agents for cannabis partnerships that go beyond property-hunting. Canna RE Group has helped RMJ/MMJ retailers buy and lease the perfect locations to grow their brick-and-mortar dispensary businesses across the United States. Starting with local area traffic analysis within green-zone compliant areas, we determine whether the business will get the exposure and patronage to match with our client’s goals. By understanding your business and service models, our cannabis real estate consultants work with clients to optimize office layouts and floor space for proper customer traffic flow and the full retail dispensary experience. Through in-depth conversations around our client’s goals and processes, we determine the need for vault space, showroom floor layout, lobby and intake rooms, secure entrances, parking lot space, and more. When it’s time to source your real estate cannabis properties, schedule a time to talk to one of our experienced cannabis real estate brokers.

Need Real Estate Solutions for your Cannabis Business?

If it’s time to bring in the professionals, you want expert, licensed, and experienced real estate agents for cannabis partnerships. The cannabis real estate consultants at Canna Real Estate Group have more than 30 years of building successful commercial projects with affiliate offices in over 40 US markets. Take advantage of a free consultation to talk through your plans and find solutions for your unique business needs. Let’s get the conversation started now!