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You Won a Cannabis License — Now What?

July 20, 2022

If you’re one of the lucky cannabis license applicants who just received the incredible news that you’ve been granted a cannabis license, congratulations! It’s a huge first step. Your business will be making history. Starting a cannabis business is no small feat. With the ever-changing legislative landscape shifting beneath our feet, the long and winding path to acquire cannabis business financing and complete construction, and a laundry list of requirements to maintain compliance, it’s not surprising that cannabis owners feel they’re stumbling to catch solid footing. Whether you’re starting a commercial greenhouse or grow house, or making plans for a dispensary, the path from license to fully operational cannabis business is a complex one. Thankfully, our business is to know all the intricate steps between “Congrats on your license!” and “We’re open!” Let’s talk about the benefits of engaging the A to Z consulting services of CannaRE\Group to help you fund, source, design, build, and launch your cannabis business. Let’s talk about these crucial steps.

  • Check off necessary requirements before applying for building permits
  • Make connections with the right people — architects, contractors, lawyers, oh my
  • Work with cannabis-industry experts in HVAC, lighting, construction
  • Stay compliant at all levels along the way

We help with necessary requirements before applying for building permits

Once you’ve received your cannabis license, a new set of tasks begins. Knowing those steps can be complicated if you’re new to this process. Bill Betts and the team at CannaRE\Group have years of experience assisting cannabis businesses understand and complete the next steps. If you’re starting a commercial greenhouse, your build process can’t begin until you have the proper permits, schematic designs, concept drawings and concept site plans, as well as pre-construction estimates completed by a licensed contractor or firm that knows the intricate specifics of these types of builds.

These plans are meant to take you from concept to schematic, preparing your essential documents to submit before you can start your build. This part of the process will take time and money, but done with the insight from the right people, it can save you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars and precious days, weeks, and months. CannaRE\Group has the resources and step-by-step plans to execute.

You’ll need these documents prepared before you start to build your cannabis business:

  • Concept drawings and concept site plans
  • Pre-construction estimates completed by a licensed contractor
  • Schematic designs from a licensed architect
  • Building permits
  • Cannabis business financing

You need experts — we know them

The most impactful step a cannabis business owner can take is delegating crucial next steps to the professionals who can execute the plan. When you’re starting a grow house (or any other cannabis business), you need an expert team to help you avoid common pitfalls like project delays and surprise costs. We have strategic partnerships in all phases of building a new cultivation facility — architects, contractors, investors, lawyers, and more.

Whether our customers are at the stage of securing cannabis business financing, sourcing property, drawing plans for a ground-up build, cultivation facility planning, building, or assessing for compliance, we make valuable connections that turn handshakes into tangible action.

Industry-specific utilities require cannabis-experienced professionals

When it’s time to begin outfitting cultivation or dispensary spaces with the necessary utilities, it’s vital to partner with providers who have cannabis experience. Cannabis cultivation spaces require systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, dehumidification, plumbing, lighting, electric, as well as processing rooms, storage space, security considerations, and rooms designed for specialized equipment.

We hear all too frequently about costly problems caused by vendors without cannabis experience. This is not the time to cut corners. Getting it right from the beginning is vital in saving precious time, money, and delays. When we shake hands with new clients who are starting a cannabis business, we facilitate the introduction to providers we trust with proven skills. Our clients benefit from quality services and make life-long partnerships.

We help you to stay compliant at all levels

At every step along the way from concept through opening day, the local town, burrow, township, and state can all have a say in the approval of a new grow house, processing facility or dispensary. Staying in compliance requires professionals well versed in the local and state laws.

An CannaRE\Group, it’s our passion and honor to walk new clients through the process of starting a cannabis business. Whether you’re opening a dispensary, starting a commercial greenhouse, starting a grow house, or building a manufacturing facility, we are here to help. We know this work through and through. You can’t surprise us — we have seen it all.

Are you ready to make your dreams a reality? Let’s start the conversation. We can’t wait to work with you.